B Optometry

B Optometry

What is BOPTM (Bachelor in Optometry)?

BOPTM or Bachelor of Optometry is a degree in studies of eyes and its connected organs, diseases of the visual system, and corrections/medicines. The degree in optometry is of undergraduate level and 4 years duration under regular education pattern including one-year of internship. Our eyes, exposed to harmful UV radiation and pollution is prone infections such as conjunctivitis, a bacterial infection in cornea, irritation, corneal ulcers, red and watery eyes, sty (stye in eyes), dry eyes besides other diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, keratoconus, macular degeneration/edema, etc. Ophthalmologists, optometrist and Opticians are the professionally qualified people to treat all vision related issues.

What is the difference between Ophthalmologist, optometrist and Opticians?

In simple terms:

  • Opticians are specialists who develop eye correcting contact lenses, eyeglasses, Ultraviolet ray protecting glasses/sunglasses as per the prescriptions of Ophthalmologist and Optometrists.
  • Optometrist are practitioners for primary eye care and correction completely
  • Ophthalmologist, certified by Optometry Council of India (OCI) as doctors who do diagnosis and treat patients with eye diseases, surgeries and overall eye care.

After completing BOPTM course, students are qualified to provide comprehensive care for the visual systems including vision, detection of eye diseases, prescribing eye correction options such as eye classes, contact lenses and low vision aids. However, they are not certified to carry out eye surgeries, but do diagnosis and refer patients to Ophthalmologists in case of serious eye diseases.

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